Before We Get to Know Each Other... 

There are so many things I'd like to share with you. And I must ask—before we get to know each other—that we make a vow to never leave ourselves behind to make the other happy. 

So before I open myself to your truth, here are the truths I am embracing about me: 

I am good, honest, kind, direct and volatile. I'm still a bit messy at times and shakey with values that I'm developing. 

I still drop important threads that I'm weaving and have to go back and retrieve them, clarify around communication missteps, and when warranted, apologize. 

Some of my skills are a bit unsteady in their practice yet, I'm full of passion, playful, and wildly alive like a filly testing her stamina and power. That power bubbles and seethes and demands expression and is calm and deep—a fathomless well. 

I'm still learning how to embrace all of me and deeply honor my soul, body, wisdom, and abilities. And I'm still learning how to clearly implement, in actions, and fully embody my intrinsic worth. 

One of the biggest lessons I'm daily navigating is not undervaluing myself or my work. This is fundamental to having healthy boundaries. If I'm willing to hold a state for me that is rooted in right alignment and safety, then I can also do this for you. If I cannot do this for me, then we will never truly know where we stand with each other. There will always be too much between us. 

We will never truly meet

Safety and clarity is the only way we can actually build structures that support true intimacy. 

And I deeply want to know you, to serve you as best as I can—without sacrificing anything essential. So that service must absolutely include, at its core, the well being of me. That's me living and giving from my own source and constantly renewing in those waters.

I'm no one's savior and I sure as hell won't be martyred! That's not the game I'm here to play. 

And I would like to play with innocence and creativity, with emotions and intellect and magic, and food and dogs and nature and dive through infinite ripples of the mystery... with you. 

Justice Bartlett

Imgae: Darius Bashar