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    • Soul & Soma healing/creative sessions and immersions.
    • Monthly and longterm Muse mentoring.
    • Wild Wisdom Healing & Creative Retreats
    • Online classes and courses.

    Whether you are looking for longterm support (session series) for healing and or nurturing your creativity, or you would like a stand-alone session to explore Justice's work, we have you covered! Feel fee to reach out with any questions.


    *Please note, a 1.8% service fee will be added to all purchases.*

    Senses & Symbols Sessions & Containers

    Senses & Symbols Sessions & Containers

    Justice's approach as a healer and mentor is relaxed, conversational, and intuitively led. She effortlessly weaves wisdom, compassion, an an array of skills into safely held sacred space.

    Each session unfolds to meet clients' individual needs for healing and creative development based on what is relevant in your life. We will address childhood wounds, relationship trauma, destructive habits, and addictions. We explore, and define, what healthy boundaries are—as boundaries are the keystone for well-being and connection.

    New clients are required to book a 90 minute session. And we recommend continuing support in session series. This allows changes to unfold, organically, and for us to track patterns and results together. Series contain ongoing support via text, email. Messenger, or Telegram.

    We realize not everyone has the time, resources, or ability to commit to longterm counseling or coaching. Though trusted and ongoing support is deeply beneficial, even a short amount of time can facilitate profound change or at the least offer some compassionate care and direction when people show up with an open mind and heart.
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    Muse Mentoring Monthly

    Muse Mentoring Monthly

    Meet up with Justice weekly! The focus can be on healing, personal or professional development, creative exploration, or writing. The extent of what we can explore is up to what matters and is interesting to you.

    This form of consistent support (30 minute weekly sessions) helps clients learn the language of transformation, become more skillful at navigating energy, emotions, and psychic terrain, while making connections between the interplay between their inner and outer world.

    How does this work? That depends on the level of development of the individual and our shared dynamic. These sessions are organic, intuitive, energetic, and conversational. We will dive into your dreams, explore the nuances of past and current relationships, talk about personal and collective archetypes, and set goals.

    These session are part of a monthly mentoring program. This includes a weekly 30 minute session with ongoing email or text support between. You can pay as a package, or weekly as you go along. Clients may go through one or two of these series or stick around for years to keep healing, playing, learning, and growing with Justice.

    Not sure what this might look like for you? Just ask!
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    Muse Mentoring & Healing Immersions- 3, 6 & 12 month options

    Muse Mentoring & Healing Immersions- 3, 6 & 12 month options

    Justice Bartlett, CHT, guides client through needs, desires, and into a healthy and creative expression of vitality. These session containers are offered in 6 or 12 months. These are 30 minute sessions, for which we meet weekly.

    This approach is for people who are ready to make a commitment. What that commitment is to, is entirely up to you. Looking to deeply heal? Desiring creative support? Both?

    Do you have specific project, goal, life-orientation, or transition, that you are moving through? Are you an artist, a writer, a healer, a coach, or are you trying to live a more creative life in a grounded and productive way?

    This is a cooperative and intuitively led process. We move at the rate the body can process—letting breath and sensation guide us. The series includes support between sessions via text, messenger, or email. It will include homework assignments (reading, movies, practices etc.), to integrate the work we are doing. It also includes a (paid) subscription to my Substack!

    A 20% discount is offered for a 6 month commitment off the regular mentoring rate. A 25% discount or the equivalent of 3 months of free sessions is offered off a 12 month package.

    View more details...
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    Soul & Soma Immersion (session package)

    Soul & Soma Immersion (session package)

    All of life can be experienced as relationship. That goes from how we interact with each other, to our bodies, to the way we create and make money.

    The benefit of this work is multilayered and can help you understand and alleviate physical issues, mood distortions, and of course navigate relationships with more harmony and clarity.

    This method of healing will take you into the depths of your psyche, exploring the relational nature of both your inner and outer world. This exploration encompasses past relationships: parental, family, childhood, and social dynamics. This also includes current relationships of all types, from work to intimate to the way you communicate with your own body, nervous system, nature and the Unseen.

    This container includes 18 60 minute sessions with ongoing support in between via text, email, or Telegram for the extent of the container. Price factors a discounted rate of 20% off single sessions in honor of the longterm commitment.
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    Embodied Boundaries: A Recorded Class

    Embodied Boundaries: A Recorded Class

    Boundaries are internal, external, relational, self-oriented, and other inclusive. Boundaries invite others to come closer to us, to get to know us in mutually respectful and life-honoring ways.

    If you have ever struggled with boundaries, with people-pleasing, with abusive relationship dynamics, chronic gut issues, trouble with weight and your relationship with food and other substances, or auto immune disease or symptoms, this class may be beneficial for you. We will discuss and workshop boundaries from the energetics, to how we embody them, to how we hold them internally with ourselves, and implement them with others.

    This class is now available as a recording. A link will be sent upon purchase.
    Coming soon
  • Justice Bartlett

    Child of the Wild.

    I am a matriarch, a writer, a healer, and a consciousness provocateur.


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    I support people with life transitions, creative direction, mind-body wellness, and psychospiritual exploration and education. I offer 1:1 sessions as well as longterm coaching containers, live retreats, and online classes.

    I have been in this profession for over 16 years. I am a certified hypnotherapist (CHT), a frequent contributor for the online magazine, Elephant Journal, and an experienced public speaker. My clientele are (typically) people who are looking for support in unpacking trauma, creating more healthy habits, healing past and current relationship dynamics, and exploring their creative nature.


    Clients range from other healers and therapists (who are seeking a non-mainstream approach), to anyone who wants to feel more stable, happy, and productive in life. The creative component of my services is especially relevant for writers or people interested in writing. But creative coaching is really about tapping into your own inner resources, uncovering your gifts, and sharing them (when appropriate) with the world in a meaningful way.


    Bedhead mysticism encompasses all I am and care about from the spiritual and psychological realms to the nitty-gritty, juicy, deeply embodied aspects of the human experience.


    First and foremost: I am a woman who loves life and the skin I am in. It wasn't always like that for me. I've had my share of trauma and for years I suffered from body dysmorphia, anxiety, and did my own dirty little dance with addiction.

    It's taken effort to claim my life-force—to feel fully at home in my body. The effort has been well worth it, for now I have a map for how we can get there and I have the honor of helping guide people through their pain, suffering, and stress. I get to help people recover their self-worth, uncover and nurture their creativity, and discover a sense of belonging in their own lives, on Earth, and in their relationships.

    Yes, I'm still healing. I'm imperfect and sometimes I'm messy.

    Maybe healing is a lifelong journey for some of us. Maybe there are places that will always be tender—that will always ache a little. Maybe it is those places that truly birth intimacy, creativity, and our humanity.


    I don't know.

    But I sure am curious.

    As a writer:

    I yearn to communicate what is in my heart, what people need to hear, and what needs to be said.

    As a mentor:

    I hold spaces (online and in person), for one-on-one counseling, group classes, and through hosting retreats. All the spaces I create whether online or in person, are devoted to creating a safe environment for people to explore their nature, their desires, creativity, connection with their self, life, others, and most importantly—their innate wholeness and wild wisdom.

    I am a shapeshifter.

    I've been at this, the healing game, in different incarnations, professionally for more than 17 years and I'm not about to stop.

    If so inspired, won't you please join me?

    Keep it wild, loves!


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    Read my essays on Substack: Bedhead Mystic Musings


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    Justice Bartlett shares her views on life, love, relationships, spirituality, history, current events, and whatever else tickles her fancy.  Read and subscribe here.


  • Testimonials

    Appreciation for Justice's work.


    "The value of Justice’s work is fundamental to understanding trauma and the psyche. The practical yet deeply intuitive approach she offers provides a space for one to address root causes, supporting genuine breakthroughs. My personal well being in relation to working with Justice has improved immensely and has given me the opportunity to stay actively engaged in my own self healing." ~Priscilla

    Wild Wisdom Retreat

    "We melded together playing in the river, walking the dry fields through the labyrinth, claiming our young selves beautiful needs that we hung in the trees of the stone garden, each of us delighting in the earthly weight of ourselves.

    Justice effortlessly danced between compassionate guide, provocateur, priestess and comedian.

    She welcomed our young selves, our wild selves, the shunned and shamed parts, she welcomed our innocence and our joyful expansive selves. Our fullness was welcome to be witnessed, embraced and honored. Our dream sharing, deep listening, playing, writing, and our free expression created the perfect vibration for us to bond together in love and respect for each others process, truth and being. For some days we melted into oneness in that easy way that one often dreams of.

    I continue to be in an expansive process as my re-wilding experience lives and breathes as an ongoing integration of self and awakening of the spirit."

    ~Simone Lemieux


    Justice led me to the core of my consciousness where things were confused and held safe space for me to figure it out for myself and disentangle threads that prevented maturity and development. No quick fix, this is lasting, it's physical, it's emotional and spans my lifetime." ~Tim

    Wild Wisdom Retreat

    "I felt the excitement and care that went into planning the weekend. The surroundings were magnificent. I cannot express how breathtaking and majestic Montana is. The lodgings was comfortable and heated. With enough room for everyone to have the space they needed. The caretakers of the camp were outstanding. The food was thoughtfully and lovingly prepared. Everything was absolutely delicious.

    All I needed to bring, was a pillow, a blanket, a journal, my curiosity and my playful adventurous spirit.

    Justice welcomed all parts of us. I felt held and supported by Justice, my fellow participants, the caretakers and the land.

    I was able to anchor into the person I have been cultivating. The retreat gave me the space to show her off. To let the mean lies that I have told myself to fall away while letting the truth take shape. It was a safe place for all.

    We frolicked in the river. Justice surprised us by drying our feet. She allowed us to do the same for her.

    We explored the grounds. Climbed a mountain. Tested our physical limits. Shared our stories. Laughed, played, created art and enjoyed meals together.

    Justice planned the container for the weekend. Within that we all had a say in the final shape of it. We had time to ourselves as needed.

    It was a beautiful blend of communing with nature, our inner landscape and others.

    I took a few extra days to explore the area and ground the experience. Preparing me to take what I discovered home for practical use.



    on making your dream into a reality that you shared with us.

    When is the next one? Sign me up."

    ~Laurie Encinosa


    "There are not enough words to say how deeply thankful I am that Justice is in my life. I've gone to therapy several times over the years and there were no solutions and direction for healing on a deep level. Justice listens and guides and helps me see things from a different perspective, so I can get out of a rut, and truly learn to replace trauma with love and healing. That learning has enabled me to stay on course because through understanding comes love. I will be forever grateful for her wisdom, caring, and guidance on my journey to authentic myself. Lots of love, Justice - Thank you for having a passion for helping people!" ~Nikki


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