Muse Mentoring Immersions

Muse Mentoring Immersions

900.00 - 1,222.00
Justice Bartlett, CHT, guides client through needs, desires, and into a healthy and creative expression of vitality. These session series are offered in blocks of 6 or 9.

This approach is for people who are ready to make a commitment. What that commitment is to, is entirely up to you. Looking to deeply heal? Desiring creative support? Both, maybe?

Do you have specific project, goal, life-orientation, or transition, that you are moving through? Are you an artist, a writer, a healer, a coach, or are you trying to live a more creative life in a grounded and productive way?

This is a cooperative and intuitively led process. We move at the rate the body can process—letting breath and sensation guide us. The series includes support between sessions via text, messenger, or email. It will include homework assignments (reading, movies, practices etc.), to integrate the work we are doing. It also includes a (paid) subscription to my Substack!

Come with an open mind and heart and the benefits to this work are limitless!

We will discuss the appropriate time to move through this body of work. Everyone moves at their own pace, depending on capacity and needs. Payment plans available!
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