Muse Mentoring Monthly

Muse Mentoring Monthly

Meet up with Justice weekly! The focus can be on healing, personal or professional development, creative exploration, or writing. The extent of what we can explore is up to what matters and is interesting to you.

This form of consistent support (30 minute weekly sessions) helps clients learn the language of transformation, become more skillful at navigating energy, emotions, and psychic terrain, while making connections between the interplay between their inner and outer world.

How does this work? That depends on the level of development of the individual and our shared dynamic. These sessions are organic, intuitive, energetic, and conversational. We will dive into your dreams, explore the nuances of past and current relationships, talk about personal and collective archetypes, and set goals.

These session are part of a monthly mentoring program. This includes a weekly 30 minute session with ongoing email or text support between. You can pay as a package, or weekly as you go along. Clients may go through one or two of these series or stick around for years to keep healing, playing, learning, and growing with Justice.

Not sure what this might look like for you? Just ask!
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